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  1. Alvarnel, I don't think I explained about the certificate correctly. The graphics you pasted in look like the one's I'm viewing on my computer. I will paste them into this e-mail. I am not asked for the administrator password until I click on the "Show Certificate." I greatly appreciate your patience. Ed.
  2. Thank you, Alvarnell, The version 10.9.5 does read: 13F1911. What I think I understand from your great explanation, graphics and all, that it is okay for me to go ahead and show certificate and then put in my administrator password for the hard drive. You write very clearly and it's a great help to me. The system preferences are also correct. I have been attempting to deal with this problem on my own and have checked the date and time. It has been fine all along. You wrote: "It's also normal to ask for your password when you choose to ignore the warning and override the certificate." I know I'm sounding apprehensive here, but I want to be assured that it should be okay to enter my password and tell it to go ahead. I have been trying to get up the nerve to do just that but stop, as I'm afraid of the negative impact. My computer is 16 years old and I can't replace it. Thanks again for all of your help. This is a great forum. Ed.
  3. I think I have a malware problem. I'm running Mac OS 10.9.5 I know it's old, but that's what I have. I had a malware problem a few years ago and this forum helped me out. I downloaded version 1.2.6 of your malware. I don't know what to do next. I think it's Malware? What happens is when I try to go to certain websites a drop down menu appears and asks me if I want to continue or cancel or show certificate. If I click on show certificate it shows up and wants me to enter my administration password to my hard drive. I am paranoid about doing this. I do not know much about computers. I am an advanced senior citizen. Sometimes it's Fox News and others sites I've never heard of. Also, I sometimes get popups for Mac Repair. I know that what they really want is me credit card number. If my download of version 1.2.6 malware was incorrect please correct it. Thank you in advance for whatever you can help me with. Please notify me of any replies. Ed.
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