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  1. Wanted to give an update: working with Andy we were able to reach a good resolution to the issue. 

    First big thank you to Andy for reaching out and working with me.

    Second, when you talk about canceling one subscription and starting a new one you may want to mention that one does keep the same license. I was primarily opposed to that because I thought different subscription meant different license which then means having to reinstall everything. 

    Third, I still think the whole situation is stupid. Please don't get me wrong, I do appreciate the service I have received from MalwareBytes to resolve this and I understand that I wouldn't have received this kind of service with 99% of other companies out there. Looking at the end result I would say the overall experience has been positive and does reinforce me wanting to recommend MalwareBytes to my clients. But there has to be a better way to do this. I understand there can be issues with canceling and refunding software license purchases. But if I already use the product, expanded my organization and want to pay my vendor money to buy more of their product I don't believe I should be made to jump through hoops to do that. Would still be very interested to see if there are any changes coming to the process, or to learn if this should be done in a different way.

    Thank you


  2. I can't believe I am the first person ever to need this, but I must be.

    I needed to add a computer to existing business subscription, so basically to increase the license count on that subscription. First found that's not possible online. A thread where another person asked this question said that it's a sales question. Called sales, they had no idea what I was talking about (granted, I might not have explained myself very clearly). So I submitted an online ticket and received a reply informing me that it is not possible to change license count on existing subscription. The reply told me my options are either to get a different subscription for additional system or wait till current subscription expires, not to renew it and buy a new one with correct number of licenses. Both options are really not acceptable, I don't want to keep up with 100 different subscriptions and I don't want to have to change subscriptions and have to redo all clients because of one addition.

    Another post discussing this question said MalwareBytes may be working on a way to be able to change number of license seats online. Is there anything like this in the works?

    Am I the first person ever that needed this? Did no one else ever found themselves adding computers after purchasing a subscription? Or is there a way to do it now that's kept secret from those like me?

    Thank you


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