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  1. I have also kindle fire but its working perfectly fine. Although I don't have such issues but I have bookmarked this amazon link. Its nicely written with WIFI connectivity solution.
  2. I din't get why to remove Malwarebytes icon from the status menu on a MacBook Air. It isn't affecting any application.
  3. I agreed with dcollins. This issue will resolve soon. For the time being you can downgrade to the previous version that will allow you to load these sites properly..
  4. You need not to get worried. Malware bytes is working on your concern. Sometime such things happen but see "Malwarebytes" is so reliable among its customers. They take every concern so seriously and resolve it shortly.
  5. Viruses are a specific type of malware designed to replicate and spread, while malware is a broad term used to describe all sorts of unwanted or malicious code. Malware can include viruses, spyware, adware, nagware, Trojans, worms, and more. Anti malware software is definitely more complete than antivirus programs and it a much better purchase because you will run in to at least two types of malware. One of the tools I use quite often to remove viruses from PCs is the Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware program. It works great for removing malicious software from your computer like viruses, worms, trojans. Yeah I feel so that you should have it.
  6. I am done with the half of it but not followed all steps mentioned. Doing it right now.. If got some error, will notify with screen shots. Thanks
  7. As I know its because, it increases website load time and if you upload a avatar, Image size again will effect website speed. This is what I think. Others opinion can be differ from me & I respect everyone's view.
  8. alice_123


    Nice ? Thanks for sharing .. Kudos is always a fav topic of my interest.
  9. A security program is designed to protect your system from virus. But its not for sure that every bug can be detect. That's why its a work of R&D
  10. DriverGuide, TechSpot, DriversBay and many more websites are available to download various window drivers.
  11. Windows System Restore doesn’t save files or folders, instead focusing on the current state of your OS. This includes saving registry settings, system information, and OS state. System Restore simply rolls back your Windows 7 PC to a previous state that is either automatically or manually created at key points of usage. System Restore - Windows 7 from the Control Panel click System Restore > Control Panel > Back up your computer > Recover system settings on your computer > Click (Open System Restore) > It’ll take a few moments for Windows 7 to open System Restore > If you click “Choose a different restore point,” you’ll be given the option to choose another time frame to restore > You’ll be given a list of the reasons why a restore point was created. In this case, we have several drivers that were installed along with a system initiated restore point. Clicking “Scan for affected programs” to let System Restore try and locate issues on your computer that can be potentially fixed by a restore > You’ll be shown restore points that can be deleted; you’ll also be shown points tat might need to be restored because something went wrong during the process You can click on any of these points to use them as your restore point > Once you’ve chosen the restore point you want to restore, you’ll be able to confirm where it’ll be restored to – in most cases, that’ll be your primary drive where the Windows OS resides – and you can click “Finish” to start the restore process. The restore process will restart your computer and begin to overwrite your current OS with the restore point. Note: This is how you can detect a problem with a restore point and can fix it easily. You can restore only the OS previous setting, not the complete data. For that, you need to create a ghost or shadow of the window.
  12. Its as simple as that. I am extremely sorry for replying lately. Follow these steps to reset admin password - Log on to Windows by using an Administrator account that has a password that you remember > Click Start > Click Run > In the Open box, type control userpasswords2> then Click Ok > Click the user account that you forgot the password for > Click Reset Password Choose the password you want to reset > Ok This is the way to get it done ..
  13. A few people use Start search and its proxy function. Additionally, you can have a go at changing your circuit in some cases that works particularly if a particular IP is blocked. I shall assume that your TOR browser itself is blocking you from accessing certain websites.
  14. I think you should switch to another one if its still persisting the problem. Either to switch to new one or to contact their support team. I recently noted that I was running seriously outdated old versions of MB3 Premium on Win 7. I have updated it.. If required, will share screen shot.
  15. Yeah totally agreed. Best way is to contact their support team. If required please PM, I can share you its detail.
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