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  1. Well, looks like there may be a fly in the ointment... you may me aware of this already, but Apple has announced the following changes to Safari 12 which will be released later this fall as part of macOS Mojave: Support for developer-signed .safariextz Safari Extensions in Safari 12 on macOS has been removed. They no longer appear in Safari preferences and cannot be enabled. On first launch users will receive a warning notification and these extension will not load. Support for .safariextz-style Safari Extensions installed from the Safari Extensions Gallery is deprecated with Safari 12 on macOS. Submissions to the Safari Extensions Gallery will no longer be accepted after December 2018. Developers are encouraged to transition to Safari App Extensions.
  2. Just to close the loop on this, I am convinced it was Onyx. As mentioned, it affected another app immediately, which I had to then fix. Other cleaner-type apps I've used in the past also tended to do this. This is why I had stopped using them --and will do so again. As for Avast, I only had it on my systems for about a week. During that time, it did not find anything or, to my knowledge, remove anything. The reason I initially suspected it was because I thought there might have been some conflict between two realtime engines. In closing, I'd just like to say that I've enjoyed your material throughout the years, Thomas. I go back to 'The Safe Mac' blog and your original software. The blog was especially invaluable to me as someone who had migrated at that time from Windows machines to Macs.
  3. Ok....so not Avast, as the same thing happened on my other Mac last night. Am now thinking its Onyx. Should have thought of this first. I ran it for the first time in years a few days ago and it did cause a problem with another app immediately that I had to sort out. Ran diagnostics on the hard drives just to make sure, but they seem fine. Also did an uninstall/reinstall of MBAM on both Macs. Now seem to be running well again.
  4. Given your Mac product, it would be great if an extension for Safari could be made available. Perhaps this is already in the works?
  5. Thanks for the reply Thomas. I had Avast installed alongside and am wondering if this might have caused the interference you mention. in any event, I have removed Avast since posting my initial comment (for this and other reasons) and will monitor to see if it was indeed the cause.
  6. By means of a suggestion, the feature to turn on/off realtime protection should be password protected. Also, have experienced moments when the realtime protection turned itself off and the app was returned to the free version. It was necessary to re-enter the licence information in order to reactivate it. Once, a reboot was required before the licence info could be entered and was accepted. This kind of buggy behaviour does not engender complete confidence.
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