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  1. @miekiemoes - you're amazing, thank you. Odd since I uninstalled that months ago, nonetheless, thank you. Hope you have a great day. I'll reply/re-open this if I have the same issue in the future (hopefully won't)
  2. Thanks for the reply Sklorton - I do have more reason to believe it being a false positive as there's been no strange behaviour on my computer / none of my passwords have been changed etc (and I have nothing of value - social medias, media streaming sites etc) - posted on /r/Malwarebytes too and hopefully I get an employee to reply. Once again, thank you for your comment.
  3. Yeah, that's the weird thing. I haven't visited any websites outside the usual YouTube, Twitch, Amazon etc. I never click ads and don't even click hyperlinks from friends, so how it got past real-time protection but got detected in a live scan is bizarre.
  4. I understand you're trying to help, and I am grateful, but please read the post before copy/pasting.
  5. Hi all, Name: Spyware.PasswordStealer.MSIL.Generic Location: C:\Windows\Installer\80f46dc.msi First of all, thanks in advance to anyone who helps. I know this is a password stealer, but I'm curious, is this a false positive or is it just malware - the odd thing is, I don't download anything unless it's from an official website. Questions are: - Is this a false positive? - If not, does this steal previous passwords (saved passwords/autofill etc) or does it only save newly entered passwords (since getting it) - Could someone IP grab me in let's say a game, and then send me this? Already quarantined and removed it so cannot do any logs (sorry). Any information you can provide would be gratefully appreciated.
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