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  1. Hey again, I downloaded your virus to my virtual machine to stimulate the experience and here is how I managed to remove it.. I have enclosed an archive file "" containing 2 batch files and 2 registry files which should help you remove the virus completely ( Follow the order 1,2,3) Extract all files to desktop and do as follow: 1- "1- kill wscript.bat" Run this batch file to kill "wscript.exe" process 2- "2- Remove updatevb.bat" Run this batch file to completely remove "update.vbs" from startup and temp folder. 3- "3- Delete Run Key.reg" Run this batch file to delete startup key pointing to update.vbs 4- "4- Disable Wscript.reg" Run this registry file to disable wscript completely and this will protect you in the future from any vbs viruses. Updatevbs Remover.zip
  2. You need to run Windows in safe mode; Watch this video : Once You are in Safe Mode, Goto this location: C:\Users\Kevin\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup\ And remove "update.vbs". If I were you I would delete all files inside \Startup\ folder, just to be safe. Now restart your computer and everything should be fine.
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