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  1. Hello, I'm experiencing a problem that appears to be identical to the one described in this discussion on Microsoft Technet. The problem is that when Malwarebytes is installed, terminated processes leave memory unreleased, particularly in the Page Table. This chews up a lot of memory over time if many processes are started and stopped. I did not have the program listed as the culprit in the above discussion, so I used DriverView to see all of my installed drivers, started from what was most recently installed or updated and worked back, using RAMMap to see if closed processes remained in the table with memory unreleased. Malwarebytes seems to be the culprit. When it is installed, closed processes do not disappear after refreshing the Processes tab in RAMMap, while after uninstalling it, they do disappear. I was using 3.4.5 when I found the problem, and I get the same problem after updating to 3.5.1. I'm using a fully-updated Windows 10.
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