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  1. Sure, so the ones after deinstalling like exile360 said? Because the other ones i already posted...
  2. @dcollins which one mentioned? As i said, i already did, several times, an uninstall including the reboot of the system, the last two ones using the malwarebytes removal tool. The logfile i posted here are the ones generated after the last uninstall - reboot - reinstall cycle. So should i now uninstall it and create the logs before a new install as mentioned above by exile360? Thanks for your help, Lars
  3. just making sure that someone is reading this post as i already have attached the files the automated response asked for.... and please make the thread private...
  4. Hi, as the title said, i can't get the ransomware protection to run. This has happened before, but i was able to fix it with a restart / clean reinstall. Not so this time. I did several clean reinstall with your 'Cleanup Utility' with automatic install, manual install, with early start for self-protection, without... nothing helped So here is the log generated as per your instructions. Thank you p.s.: can you PLEASE make this thread private so that not the whole world can download the logfile i just sent you?!!! Why is that not the default setting!!!?
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