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  1. Rolosrawesome

    The day I panicked over nothing?

    So, a while back, before I even knew about Malwarebytes, I had HouseCall. I would scan my macbook with it one or twice a day, to make sure everything was okay, I get paranoid a lot. One evening, my macbook was being a bit slowly and sluggish, the fans going like mad and the top bar of the keyboard was very hot to touch. I decided to scan my Macbook, incase there was anything wrong. It scanned for a little bit and then seemed to freeze. This confused me. I pressed 'stop' and all of a sudden, a list of at least 376 supposed trojans came up. OSX_Flashbck_A. My heart immediately stopped and dropped. My only thought was, 'Holy S###'. My dad had recommended HouseCall to me, saying it was trust-worthy and legit. So, of course, I believed him, like I always do. I scanned it again and again and again, to make sure it was correct, I had the same results. After ten minutes of this, I shakily shouted for my dad, who was in the next room. I turned my laptop to face him and he read through it, clicking on the link for it that led to the Trend Micro site. He kept clicking 'fixnow' and my laptop just froze. He did it again and again, it not doing anything at all. He began to panic, as did I. Along came the tears and mind racks to how this had happened. At this point, an error message came up, closing down firefox. That made me believe in the trojan more. My first thought was when I had updated my firefox to the latest version. When I had done that, I noticed like an app popped up in my dock for a split second, saying 'Updater'. I had not downloaded anything from the internet unless it was from a trusted site. I was puzzled onto how this had happened. My dad then updated my OS and tried HouseCall again. It was the same result. He looked online for solutions to it and found nothing. Until he stumbled upon an article about it, dating 2012. He downloaed JAVA onto my laptop and the reason I still have no idea why. The problem was still there. I had texted a few of my friend, freaking out and hoping for them to calm me down. One of my friends recommened Malwarebytes. I had never heard of it, so I googled it on my phone and nudged my dad. He was not paying attention, too focused on work. I waited for him to finish his work, deciding to look on reddit or other online forums about this problem. One other person had it and no one had commented. I felt like I was screwed. Once my dad was finished with his work, I discussed it with him and we decided to download Malwarebytes, hoping it would get rid of these trojans. We finally had it downloaded and opened it up, scanning it for the very first time. There were no trojans? They did not appear at all. I was confused. The only threats were mild adware, that I wasn't even aware were there. We cleared them to Quarantine and scanned again. They did not come up! We both looked at each other confused and decided to scan Housecall again. Over 400 trojans were detected. I looked to my dad and began to theorise that maybe, HouseCall was glitchy or just completely wrong. It never detected the adware and yet Malwarebytes had. I was overly confused and unsure on what to do. I told my dad to get rid of HouseCall and maybe keep Malwarebytes on my laptop instead. This was the day I panicked over nothing. I decided to write it because still to this day, it confuses me on what the hell had happened. I hope you enjoyed my storytime though.
  2. Rolosrawesome

    New Update?

    Okay, thank you! You saved me of a full on panic attack! I tend to panic over the smallest things so, I had to make sure that everything was okay. Thank you again!
  3. Rolosrawesome

    New Update?

    Edit: I checked again, and I don't know if this is any help.
  4. Rolosrawesome

    New Update?

    Hi! So, my malwarebytes was just updated to a new version, but I cannot find anything online about this version, so is it new or a glitch. The version is 3.3.22. I am also on the free one as I am unable to get the premium quite yet. After this update, instead of free, I got trial, which seemed quite weird to me. I've shut down my laptop and turned it back on and it's still the same. Does anyone else have this version? I have a panic and paranoia disorder, hence why I'm asking and trying to stay calm.

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