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  1. Ohhh! Now I understand. I was worried that there was a problem and I might of worded that incorrectly. Thank you for your help and for calming my nerves.
  2. Another add on: I logged onto my computer and noticed two process wirelessproxd and WirelessRadioManagerd what are they?
  3. Add on: for the past few weeks, whenever I log on, my CPU is spiked high, really high, I only ever took one screenshot, because user was 64.34% and idle was 4.90%. System was 31.78% and I had just logged in. Not sure if this has anything to do with it either.
  4. Hey, me again. This time I actually have a problem that is baffling me. I'm writing this on my sister's laptop because I am too scared to go on my own laptop for various reasons. As you will see below, that is what is concerning me. The time is currently 3am of 17/9/2018 and those are from the last hour and yesterday but I had many more. I thought nothing of it, maybe it was because I was on messages talking to friends and it was their messages that added on. I usually scan about 3-4 times a day because I'm on the free version. I logged on earlier and it was the second scan, which m
  5. Hi! So, I'm only curious about this and just wanted to make sure it was normal to settle my nerves. Everyone few hours, I do a scan, since I'm on the free malwarebytes. I've noticed that the scan usually takes 10-15 seconds and it seems a bit too fast to me, but that could just be how it is. Someone please get back to me soon to soothe my rising nerves.
  6. So, a while back, before I even knew about Malwarebytes, I had HouseCall. I would scan my macbook with it one or twice a day, to make sure everything was okay, I get paranoid a lot. One evening, my macbook was being a bit slowly and sluggish, the fans going like mad and the top bar of the keyboard was very hot to touch. I decided to scan my Macbook, incase there was anything wrong. It scanned for a little bit and then seemed to freeze. This confused me. I pressed 'stop' and all of a sudden, a list of at least 376 supposed trojans came up. OSX_Flashbck_A. My heart immediately stopped and droppe
  7. Okay, thank you! You saved me of a full on panic attack! I tend to panic over the smallest things so, I had to make sure that everything was okay. Thank you again!
  8. Edit: I checked again, and I don't know if this is any help.
  9. Hi! So, my malwarebytes was just updated to a new version, but I cannot find anything online about this version, so is it new or a glitch. The version is 3.3.22. I am also on the free one as I am unable to get the premium quite yet. After this update, instead of free, I got trial, which seemed quite weird to me. I've shut down my laptop and turned it back on and it's still the same. Does anyone else have this version? I have a panic and paranoia disorder, hence why I'm asking and trying to stay calm.
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