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  1. And here is the other documents from the sick computer. Addition.txt FRST.txt
  2. Here is the orginal FRST again. Posting the next documents from the sick computer so I don't spread it. FRST.txt
  3. Sorry its been a while, I bought a new USB and it seemed to work. FRST.txt
  4. Yeah I'm trying to format it on this clean laptop. I've never had it in the infected desktop without it being in safe mode. I think it worked the first time though, not sure why it doesn't work now. It just says format unsuccessful, sorry that's not a ton to work off of. I could send screenshots of it if necessary.
  5. Sorry I haven't replied in a few days, I've been trying to solve this problem for a few days, so when I try to format the USB it just says it is unsuccessful. I've tried using the default settings and other methods like using the disk partition editor (can't remember exact name)but for whatever reason it won't work. Malwarebytes did recognize the wmcagent and classified it as a trojan but it couldn't quarantine/remove it. The only thing I could thing of to do is get a new USB?
  6. I executed frst64 from the spare pc and it generated a folder. I followed the instructions and executed the commands, then went back into recovery mode and tried again. This time the drive was G, the was no folder from the last time I ran it. Then I got FRST64 to open from the command prompt and scanned, and it said it generated a text document that would be placed in the same place as the program. It opened for me but it didn't seem to have much content, only one line that included the date. However, I tried to access the file from the spare computer and it doesn't exist as well as that folder it generated. How strange, by the way thanks so much for your help so far. I will donate once we get to the end of the problem.
  7. Following your steps, I tried to use the Command F:\FRST64 but it says the disk isn't ready. The file is on the USB, and when I type anything else it isn't recognized so I know it recognizes the file. I made sure the settings were as listed on Malwarebytes and scanned but it didn't recognize the wmcagent. The file for the scan is attached. Scan 05.10.18.txt
  8. I downloaded a program from a third party website and now I have what I believe is a rootkit that I can't delete from my computer. I've uninstalled everything possible, scanned with Malwarebytes and Norton and they remove everything except a file called wmcagent.exe and some folders with weird names like snoteku. It is in my User/Appdata/Local folder. I cannot delete it or a few folders I believe are associated with it. It only says access is denied. I've used the Malwarebytes AdwCleaner and Anti-rootkit and the Norton variants and it can't remove it, or don't detect it. There are two programs running in task manager called "client" and I can't end them, or they just restart later. I even reinstalled Chrome and double checked all my browsers to make sure it's not an extension. I followed some of the steps from this because I believe this is the same problem. However I am not sure and would rather not go through some of the complicated steps toward the end if I don't have to. Towards the end of the guide, they use the FRST executable, and paste the text inside and click fix. His does not work and mine does, the rest of the guide is dedicated to finishing his problem; however it is not clear if they ever fixed the problem. Any advice? Attached is a few files from the guide that might be helpful to look at. FRST.txt Addition.txt Fixlog.txt
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