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  1. @mbam_mtbr , Thank you for the update, I reported the file to mediafire yesterday since the file wasnt blocked when I checked to see if the link was dead. Thank you for the update again.
  2. Hello @pozso123 , Antivirus software usually dont interfere with system restore points since most of the big mainstream software (including malwarebytes) makes a restore point incase your system breaks during the install, usually, it might just be a corrupted restore point. Have you tried booting into safe mode and restoring the restore point from there? Cryptix
  3. Hello @supertonk, Can you run a scan with Malwarebytes and ADWCleaner to make sure it isn't a malware infection and post the results Cryptix
  4. @Lutzkhie Please remove the download link from your opening post to keep common readers from accidentally installing and infecting their device(s). And about the new application installed, can you please inform us what device you are using?
  5. Metapeter is detected by the android system, even with unknown sources enabled, but he claims he's using an iPhone and the only way iOS can actually be exploited is by either a Jailbreak or using a jailbreakable firmware (ie iOS 11) and got exploited by downloading and accepting the software's profile in settings.
  6. This happened to me awhile ago aswell, its a facebook login keylogger, it doesnt steal information unless you sign in to the "player" but this only spreads mostly through exploits that was in your family/friends facebook messenger (as in they've been hacked) and you should inform them by other means then facebook messenger.
  7. Is your iPhone updated to the latest iOS? if so, theres is almost impossible to hack and it may be an issue called ghost touch (caused when your digitizer is going bad)
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