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  1. Hi plb4333, I'm not aware of other software using it or which programs use it. Is there any way to check it out? Thanks for answering
  2. Sorry for the delay, couldn't answer in the weekend. Again got frozen and unable to do anything with no memory dump due to force shutdown. I'm kind of worried for my computer having to force a shutdown, is there something else I can do like the support tool to check what might be causing it?
  3. I passed ADWCleaner and came out with 2 detections that have been cleaned. One was a chrome extension (avira safe search) and a registry key that i don't know (hklm/software/wow6432node/classes/clsid/{8bf0126f-a5b7-4720-abb2-2414a0af5474}) Thanks again for the help!
  4. Hey, Thanks for the answers. MBAR runs fine with no issues again. While trying to get the blue screen doing the scan with rootkit on, this time it froze the computer without giving the BSOD. I waited 7 hours and nothing happened having to force a shut down and there's no .dmp file to share. Also the system got unstable but doing a sfc looks like is stable again. Since I work with this computer and I'm not economically in a position to delay more work or risk not having the computer to work every day, Is there any other thing I can do to check what's happening other than trying to get the BSOD again? Thanks again for your help.
  5. Hi Maurice, Thanks for answering. I installed the new version after a clean install with the expected result of BSOD on the rootkit scan. This time the message for the BSOD was unexpected_store_exception instead of the usual kernel_data_inpage_error. After crashing I had to reset a couple of times since MB refused to initialize all the shields. But other than that, basically the same result.
  6. Hey, Sorry I thought I shared it. mbst-grab-results.zip
  7. Hi, For a while now, everytime I scan checking the option to check for rootkits, while scanning (always on the object 437) my computer freeze and go to a BSOD that say "kernel_data_inpage_error" theoretically caused by cdd.dll. I have done a clean reinstall using the tool provided by malwarebytes with the same result. I've scanned using tddskiller, malwarebytes anti-rootkit and roguekiller with no issues and coming out clean. I have uninstalled the antivirus in case it was the issue with no change. I renewed my license not even a month ago and I would like to fix it rather than do a refund. How can I fix this situation? Thanks in advance for your help.

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