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  1. Thanks, Rich...that did the trick. I'll include the instructions for those MalwareBytes customers who use the program. Ron
  2. An additional bit of data. I found another program I wrote in VisualBasic and compiled in 2014. It's fairly complex, but it doesn't trigger the MalwareBytes warning. Don't think I had MB back then. So it appears to be only programs that are compiled under the newest version of MB. Ron
  3. I'm sorry, Rich, but I don't understand. Are you speaking of "forms" in a sense other than how VB uses them? There's only one such form in the sample I posted. And am not familiar with the working path exclusion...not something that I've seen in VB. Ron
  4. Recently discovered that Malwarebytes will quarantine any program written in VisualBasic 6 with a "MachineLearning/Anomalous" alert. This includes the most innocuous programs. It runs OK within the VB6 programming structure, but MB rejects any .EXE file compiled from VisualBasic. I've attached a ZIP file with an example. The program contains a single button, which does nothing but change the color of a block from gray to black. rwan1.zip
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