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  1. It seem you all are correct. It is an extension.. As for the YouTube down load use my software No Add just free.
  2. Look at this file C:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes\MBAMService\logs\MBAMSERVICE.LOG Can some one understand it? App Injected (Google Chrome (and plug-ins)) ?????? It seem that the software inject to chrome and then it happens !!!! see log file Finally my conclusion is !!!!. The last software has a virus which produce the problem I hop i am wrong.
  3. As i have the same problem and i am a professional i used my software to see when opening Chrome if an execute dose do any thing EXCEPT CHROME !!! nothing happens. I install a new CHROME . the same. My software monitoring_directory_changes on the WHOLE c:\ As you can see while opening chrome nothing. NO VIRUS !!. I think the problem is with the Malwarebytes product. Test.pdf
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