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  1. welp just a lil update you can close the topic if you want I managed to figure out how to make my own fixlist and i got the virus off my pc and I couldnt of done it without FRST at all most likely, if you want you can still post your own fixlist for me to run and I may try it as well or at least compare to the one i made to see if you caught something I did not anyhow thanks for all you do.
  2. ok it is still showing the rootkit at HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\cxtodk but in regedit i cannot see it there meh thanks for any help you can provide i am looking forward to taking my system back.
  3. i noticed in my addition.txt it shows the rootkit in registry so i go to that particular point however it is no longer there i have rebooted several times so i am running frst again to see if it detects it as a new name this time or what, i am wondering if it is renaming it randomly when i reboot if that is the case then i will repost the logs
  4. Hi so i got a pretty crappy virus, normally i am pretty good with manual removal myself however this one is realllllly a pain and malwarebytes hasnt worked for it nor detected it...i am attaching my frst scan to this post in hopes of some solution i saw you helped another guy remove the same thing people need to watch out this thing is coming bundled with software that seems legit make sure you take my advice and download only from official links if you can otherwise you will be in the same boat possibly or worse. FRST.txt Addition.txt
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