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  1. seems like my internet is no longer having the issue i thank you for helping me i will convert over to firefox from now on.
  2. Also just had something happen, i was on youtube as normal but i got a notification that an administrator tried locating my device. I'm sure it was not anyone I know but i signed into my Microsoft account a few days ago and saw that there was a unsuccessful attempt from Indonesia i think.
  3. Hello again i tried using Firefox to browse the internet and had task manager open. After 5 min i try to open a tab and go to a new page but it sat there loading while System spiked to 15% cpu. So the main problem is still occurring of System process stopping my internet connection.
  4. Here is the fixlog, after restarting i went into process explorer and System Idle Process says ~80%-90% cpu usage still, but in Task Manager its only showing 2-4% total usage. The problem of System using 12% of my cpu randomly and stopping my internet for a second is still happening. Fixlog.txt
  5. So to begin I have had Malwarebytes premium for over a year now and it has served me well, but the automatic scans have never picked up anything on my PC. Firstly I experience the system process shooting from <1% CPU to ~12% CPU and everytime my internet stops working for like 30 seconds at least. Not a full disconnect but if I try loading a webpage in the bottom left it just says "Establishing a secure connection..." Until it finally passes then it loads and system goes back down in usage. Also during this time I usually have discord on my second monitor and I can see my connection to the server I'm on go from Green to red and my friends hear my voice choppy and distorted. Second I have downloaded process explorer a few days ago to try and see what is causing system no luck, I don't know what to look for. However the System Idle Process always shows that it's using ~90% of my CPU but if I open task manager my CPU is only at 4%. Only looking at the process through process explorer does it show it's using 90% Lastly I'm writing this on my phone so I will get onto my computer when it is needed for any scan logs etc. And try to continue this thread on my PC. Oh and I sometimes see command boxes I think? Pop up on my taskbar for a split second and sometimes see this happen in the toolbar thing but not sure it happens so fast all I see is some movement.
  6. Addition.txt FRST.txt Malwarebytes Threat Scan.txt
  7. Hello, I have been using my computer with out issues, and still without any performance ones. Although I have been experiencing lots of suspicious things on my pc happening, i don't know if they really are caused by malware but i would like to assume so. None of my scanners pick up anything they always come up clean, I use malwarebytes premium as well as the full version of superantispyware. And windows defender is enabled, windows 10. So what i have been encountering is an icon popping up very quickly and then disappearing on my taskbar. the icon doesn't show more than the blackbox and the blueline underneath before it disappears but will tab me out of a game etc. Also my taskbar and desktop icons flash/refresh randomly sometimes but only flash once. Also i started getting audio pops randomly but prob just headphones maybe. And the next one is my cursor, when it changes from hovering over text to something i can click it will sometimes glitch and bulge in size. I can also see a second text cursor pop up on the right side of the glitching cursor in some cases. I would be willing to send a video from my phone of it happening if needed. My pc runs fine though, but i do idle around 30% of memory used it could be the malware but I'm not sure. Just really looking for someone to tell me what they think and maybe help me fix the issues.
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