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  1. seems like my internet is no longer having the issue i thank you for helping me i will convert over to firefox from now on.
  2. Also just had something happen, i was on youtube as normal but i got a notification that an administrator tried locating my device. I'm sure it was not anyone I know but i signed into my Microsoft account a few days ago and saw that there was a unsuccessful attempt from Indonesia i think.
  3. Hello again i tried using Firefox to browse the internet and had task manager open. After 5 min i try to open a tab and go to a new page but it sat there loading while System spiked to 15% cpu. So the main problem is still occurring of System process stopping my internet connection.
  4. Here is the fixlog, after restarting i went into process explorer and System Idle Process says ~80%-90% cpu usage still, but in Task Manager its only showing 2-4% total usage. The problem of System using 12% of my cpu randomly and stopping my internet for a second is still happening. Fixlog.txt
  5. So to begin I have had Malwarebytes premium for over a year now and it has served me well, but the automatic scans have never picked up anything on my PC. Firstly I experience the system process shooting from <1% CPU to ~12% CPU and everytime my internet stops working for like 30 seconds at least. Not a full disconnect but if I try loading a webpage in the bottom left it just says "Establishing a secure connection..." Until it finally passes then it loads and system goes back down in usage. Also during this time I usually have discord on my second monitor and I can see my connection to the server I'm on go from Green to red and my friends hear my voice choppy and distorted. Second I have downloaded process explorer a few days ago to try and see what is causing system no luck, I don't know what to look for. However the System Idle Process always shows that it's using ~90% of my CPU but if I open task manager my CPU is only at 4%. Only looking at the process through process explorer does it show it's using 90% Lastly I'm writing this on my phone so I will get onto my computer when it is needed for any scan logs etc. And try to continue this thread on my PC. Oh and I sometimes see command boxes I think? Pop up on my taskbar for a split second and sometimes see this happen in the toolbar thing but not sure it happens so fast all I see is some movement.
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