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  1. Hi Rui, I appreciate the assistance and additional information. Thank you for all the help, and there are no other questions from my side. Kind regards, Bailey G
  2. Hi, Everything seems to be running okay on the computer. Attached are the fixlog and AdwCleaner logs. There were no threats found in the ESET scan Thanks, BaileyG Fixlog.txt AdwCleaner[C00].txt
  3. Hi Rui, Thank you for your patience with my delay in response and thank you, ran the above and it came up clean, log attached. I have also attached the FRST & Addition files Please let me know the next steps and again thank you for your help BailyG mbar-log-2018-05-06 (13-14-06).txt FRST_06-05-2018.00.txt Addition_06-05-2018.00.txt
  4. As an update Hi, I ran a second malware byte scan, this time there were only the 2 instances of Trojan.Fileless.MTGen I have quarantined them again but how can I be sure that this has removed everything? Also I have attached FRST and addition logs Appreciate any guidance provided Addition_02-05-2018 21.23.00.txt FRST_02-05-2018 21.23.00.txt
  5. Hi, I had issues with my laptop and after running Malware bytes it located 4 rootkit.fileless.MTGen and 2 Trojan.Fileless.MTGen instances. I have quarantined them but how can I be sure that this has removed everything? Also how concerned should I be that these things were on my computer? What other steps are recommended to ensure the issues are resolved? Appreciate any guidance provided
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