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  1. Running free ver 3.7.1 and it says it's fully updated.System is Windows 10 64b. Every morning I find MB is running in my systray & pops up a small window. I look in Task Manager and it's running. I stop it and see it is not set to load at startup. I check MB settings and can turn everything off. The next morning same thing. How do I turn off MB so it only runs when I need to scan a file, w/is once in a blue moon? Made a number of searches and I must not be using the right terms b/c I can't believe other's also don't find this annoying. Thank you. Mac
  2. Gents, I started a forum Q and inadvertently did not change the bottom button for 'Follow this'/email me when replies, and I can find no option in settings nor any way to contact anyone at the site in order to ask for help. This page: https://forums.malwarebytes.com/ does not offer any way to contact site moderators, website people or anyone else. Please contact me at your earliest convenience re: how I can alter the setting on my new Q to then be contacted by email about any response. Thank you. Mac29
  3. Did a search. Pitiful results. Using the premium trial of whatever the new ver is, 3.7.1? Will not save any of my settings. If anyone thinks I'm going to buy an application that won't even save my settings they're smoking crack. Help! I will uninstall this GD crap if MB cannot offer a solution. I've looked on their 'Help' webpage that populates and it's crap. Rudimentary 'this is what X is' with no information about how to delineate settings nor any links that I can find re: where to otherwise look/whmo to contact. Obviously that brings me here. Thank you, Mac
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