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  1. I have been spending a lot...too much...time trying to figure out exactly what this setting does. Located inside a policy, Windows > General > Startup Options: Allow services additional time to start. So what does this actually change in the system, I presume registry, when this is enabled? The subsequent option allows setting: Maximum Time Allowed (adjust the timeout period for all services): 1, 5 and 10 minutes. 10 minutes for a system waiting for services to start? Before it does....what? Start MWB? That seems sketchy. I must be missing something here. I have been running this disabled for more than 2 years. Cheers & Thank you.
  2. Holy crap that's awesome! LOL! I did not know of this shortcut, that works! Thank you CHMOD_777 (nice name too! LOL). Exile360, Safe Mode did also work, thank you again for mentioning this and now I have two methods to troubleshoot. Thank you for the help to you both! Cheers!
  3. Thank you very much Exile360! I did not realize I posted this in the consumer side of the forums, mainly because I didn't realize there was a separate business side sorry! But thank you again for moving it. Thank you also for the recommendations, I am trying with Safe Mode now and will report back. I do not believe the password locking option exists in the business environment, although perhaps I'm overlooking it somewhere in the admin config. Again, thank you and I'll post back in a while after testing with Safe Mode.
  4. How do you stop, completely terminate, Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection (cloud version)? There is no "exit" when you right-click in system tray. You cannot "open" MWB to get to Settings on any workstation. The admin (me) has disabled this. This means I would have to reconfigure the policy, push it out, then anyone in the organization can exist their security. Not a viable option. So how does the admin of the network, without access to Malwarebytes Admin Console, approach a workstation and exit MWB in order to troubleshoot what is blocking something else?
  5. Did someone repost the link to the write-up about Microsoft Nonsentials & MWB from the original post? It is not working.... Thank you!
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