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  1. As you see below, the first picture, there is a red circle with an X on the Action Center flag in the Taskbar, when I click on the flag it says to turn on Malwarebytes, when I click on the message to do so, a window opens up asking me if I want to run Malwarebytes. If I choose yes, it simply returns to the first picture. If I click on the Malwarebytes Taskbar icon it shows Malwarebytes is up and running.
  2. I forgot to mention, if I click on the "Turn on Malwraebytes" message in the Action Center, it asks if I want to run this program and I clicked yes. The Action Center closes, but nothing has changed; same red circle with an X, and same message to "Turn on Malwraebytes".
  3. It's quite simple. I upgraded my windows 7 to ver 4. Afterwords the Action Center flag showed an issue with an X in a red circle. The Action Center said I needed to turn on Malwarebytes. A check of the MWB taskbar icon shows all is up and running as does the program when opened. It seems MWB is up and running and protecting, but it is not being recognized by the Action Center. As mentioned I used the Support tool to uninstall and reinstall, which worked until the next boot, when the issue returned. I don't see this as an issue of MWB not properly working, it's simply the Action Center doesn't
  4. I'm having the same problem as are others, I started a ticket today..
  5. I had the same issue. I two ran the Ran the Malwarebytes repair tool, which seemed to fix the issue, but it returned a short time later. The MWB taskbar icon is present and when I click on the icon it shows all the protections are running. Probably not a big deal, just a bug in ver 4 software. I also found ver 4 deleted a program exception and tried to quarantine the program (Imgburn)
  6. I have an account for my Malwarebyes license, but I noticed different parts of the Website requires different different logons and it is quite confusing. My account has one logon https://my.malwarebytes.com/en/login, the forum requires a different logon https://forums.malwarebytes.com/ and the support section where I am directed by an email for a ticket https://support.malwarebytes.com/ requests another logon that seems to have to no method for setting up.
  7. Okay, a different problem. I bought a new license but there is a typo in the email. Somehow I typed onespeedbiker@hotmail.cpm. Now I can not get the confirmation email and I can't add it to my MWB account. I don't now if I am supposed to send you the license number. Please advise..
  8. Okay I did a clean boot and MWB loaded, so I started eliminating services and it turned out to be the HyperW7 Leveno fast startup program. With this program disabled, MWB loads with no problem. Thanks for the time you have given this issue, Brad
  9. Good morning. The fix.txt did something, but it did not fix the problem. Here I installed MWB, rebooted and it was again not loaded. I ran the support/utility, choosing to repair; the utility ran, which subsequently requested a reboot and then finished the repair. At this point MWB is loaded. I rebooted and MWL is again not loaded. Here is the requested log. mbst-grab-results.zip
  10. Okay, I installed MWB and tried the fix again, but it did not seem to work. Here if the fixlog. It also changed the shortcut icon which produces an error if double clicked. Fixlog.txt
  11. Here is the log.txt. Your last instructions was to uninstall MWB. Should I install it now? Fixlog.txt
  12. I tried to download the txt file but it says it is not available or I don't have permission. please advise
  13. First a big thank you for all the time you are putting into this. I have been a user and proponent of your product from back your early days when I bought a lifetime license for $25. If you can figure this out, I intend to buy a second license for this computer for the ridiculously high cost single year license 🙂 FRST.txt Addition.txt
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