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  1. Updated to beta version 3.5.0. Turned ransomware protection back on. Same thing is happening. Chrome is slow, task manager slow to open = sluggish computer. I turn ransomware back off, and the computer is back to normal.
  2. I understand. I will uninstall Norton if I go with them. Any thoughts on Emsisoft? I see they scan real-time and block malware. Do you know how the protection of malware is compared to Malwarebytes?
  3. You could just uninstall Malwarebytes. That seems to fix the problem for me. If dcollins’ steps above don’t rectify the problem, I’m probably just going to try Emsisoft and switch products. I don’t have time for stuff to be broken like this as I work two jobs and am very busy. We shall see...
  4. Logs attached. After re-installing Malwarebytes, it's good for a little bit after the immediate re-install. However, I came back to my computer hours later to check on this thread, and my computer is sluggish again because of Malwarebytes. Chrome took around 8-10 seconds to open, task manager took longer than normal, etc. This is a FAST computer too. it's gaming rig. Intel I7-8700K, 32GB DDR4 RAM, Samsung EVO 960 M.2 SSD, 1080 GTX TI. I know Malwarebytes is the culprit, because as soon as I uninstall Malwarebytes, the problem is fixed. Hopefully the logs will tell what is going on. Thank you. mbst-grab-results.zip
  5. Not sure what happened, but Malwarebytes is causing my computer to be extremely slow. I click on Chrome, and it takes 10-15 seconds to open. Task manager takes 5-10 seconds to open, etc. My entire computer just feels sluggish. I pay for Malwarebytes Premium and I'm running the latest version 3.4.5. I did a complete uninstall and re-install. The symptoms come back after installing Malwarebytes. I found out from others online that Malwabytes Services is causing the issue. So I uninstalled Malwarebytes again, and my computer is back to excellent performance. I'm NOT showing that Malwarebytes is utilizing high RAM or CPU (around 179MB of RAM and less than 3% CPU). So do we know what is going on and what is causing this? Did Malwarebytes push out an update that is causing computers to be crippled?
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