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  1. Hello @dcollins and thanks for your reply. Is it possible to somehow make sure the problem is caused by IP blocking? Actually, i suspected that from the very beginning and ofc i don't want to waste your time (especially if it is indeed a problem you can't fix) but i believe i've seen some very short "openings" when malwarebytes license & update servers were available. It was even possible to activate the license key again, even though it took some time before servers could be accessed. Unfortunately, i'm no internet security expert, so i just wanted to know if such sporadic server availability is a normal thing when IP responsible for access is blocked.
  2. Short update on situation here. I somehow managed to restore it to premium version, but the very next moment license servers have once again become unavailable (?!). Problem with updates is still there as well. All in all, nothing changed and things are still kinda confusing
  3. Greetings. My recent problems with Malwarebytes started about a week ago, when for unknown reason Malwarebytes completely stopped updating (it failed to update automatically, and when i tried to trigger update process manually it failed as well, however no error pop-ups were shown and it looked like the program is simply stuck trying to update itself endlessly). Also, whenever i tried to access account information tab from settings, Malwarebytes kept showing me an error message, saying that it is unable to connect to license servers. Today i finally decided to attempt clean reinstall with support tool. The updating problem seems to be solved now, but license servers are still "down" and https://keystone.mwbsys.com/ cannot be accesed through browser, returning ERR_CONNECTION_RESET error (Something strange happened right before the clean reinstall: i tried using windows diagnostic tool on that page and surprisingly the error was suddenly replaced by "OK" message at top-left side of the page, as if it was now available. So i ran the support tool, removed malwarebytes and rebooted my machine... and ran into that connection-reset-servers-unavailable brick wall again!). At this very moment i'm stuck with free version of Malwarebytes and unable to upgrade it back to premium with my license key. It is also worth noticing that .txt file with the key mysteriously dissappeared after reboot, yet other files on desktop generated by support tool remained intact. To this moment i tried different one-time antivirus tools on my laptop (eset, dr. web, kaspersky, msert - none of them found any threats), checked my hosts file (it remains in default condition and seems completely fine) and tried turning windows firewall off to see if https://keystone.mwbsys.com/ becomes accessible that way (it didn't). I'm attaching the log archive generated by Malwarebytes support tool to this message. Hope something can be done about all this. P.S.: in light of recent events in my country (our government tries its best to block Telegram, bringing down lots of IPs and services in process), i want to point out one of possible reasons for this, namely that some IP responsible for updates and licenses could've been blocked here. mbst-grab-results.zip
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