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  1. Ok. I think I'll do this on Thursday. A bit tied up with this busy week. I'll post the details. Thanks
  2. Yeah it's still doing this in Safe Mode. What could it be?
  3. I'll have to verify this later. I'm currently away from the machine. As soon as I get to it I'll try. By the way thanks for the assistance and patience. Hopefully we win this thing
  4. I'm also thinking is it possibly a problem of the Delete key or Backspace. But then these pop-ups tend to be constant when I first start up Windows. Then after a frustrating fight deleting the multiple dialogue boxes,the problem disappears until next start-up.
  5. Well it's the same initial problem. There's been no change. Basically clicking on any file,program,shortcut results in multiple "Do you want to send this file to Recycle Bin" pop-ups. Some several dozen pop-ups. Each time you click "No" or try to close it, even more pop up.
  6. Ok my bad. I ran the fix. Just forgot to attach the log Fixlog.txt
  7. Yes I'm 99% certain I did. It was a lot of scanning so I'll have to verify. But in the event that I didn't should I run in now? The other scans reported no threats. But let me check on it now and give feedback
  8. Ok so I did the process. All the other scans indicated no threats except the Sophos Tool. It picked up one threat and I did the cleanup However the problem still persists. I have attached the Sophos log. The file deletion prompts are more intense on startup or when trying to run malware removal tools. What could this be? Sophos 2.txt
  9. Ok I've done the scan as advised. The computer is a borrowed one so I'm trying to fix it before returning it. Addition.txt FRST.txt
  10. Ok thanks. I'll do as advised within the next 48 hours.
  11. I'm running Windows 7 on my laptop. It recently started behaving strangely by attempting to delete every file I click on. The "Are you sure you want to move this file to Recycle Bin" pop up appears. When I attempt to close it,multiple pop ups appear with each attempt to close. It's to such an extent that you can't do anything practical on the machine for about 10 minutes as you try to close literally hundreds of Recycle Bin pop dialog boxes. Any help with this is greatly appreciated as I'm stuck right now
  12. Ok. I think I'm going to have to do the dreaded reinstalling of Windows. I think it's inevitable now. At least the virus/malware problem has been arrested. Thanks for all the assistance and patience in the ordeal. Jay
  13. Ok. I see. Let me run this and see if we get anywhere. I've already set on the reinstall route. I just wanted to recover certain files which I can't get back with that option. As for the slow start, I discovered my battery is dead and buried and once I removed it the startup returned to normal. I'll let u know tomorrow how it goes.
  14. Right. Done. But the startup lag is a bit of a concern. It's taking 20 minutes to fully start. Addition.txt FRST.txt Summary.txt AdwCleaner[S02].txt AdwCleaner[C02].txt
  15. Ok. Got a bit busy. Let me do this and give feedback soon. I have also been experiencing extremely slow startup when I turn on the PC ever since I did the updates.
  16. I've just finished the updates. Been a busy weekend so couldn't do it earlier. Jay
  17. I've tried to install updates but they keep forcing me to download W10. Now I've remembered why I cancelled updates in the first place. As soon as I try to install even one update, it starts downloading W10. Tried blocking upgrade to no avail. Quite aggravating.
  18. Ok great. I'll update as much as I can and let u know. Have a great one
  19. ok I've got 600MB of updates. I'm certain I can't install most of them in one go. How do I proceed for now?
  20. It's restarted. Let me try to check updates. Hopefully I've still got some data left for that. W7 can be brutal with excessive usage for just "checking updates"
  21. After installation it restarted and it started "installing Windows updates". Then "shutting down". Then screen went black as if it has shut down but machine still running. It's just frozen in that state right now for several minutes now. What do I do?
  22. I used Chrome instead which I had to download. The program is currently installing. I think it was a connection issue as I'm using my mobile to connect
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