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  1. Hmmm. but when you are alerted to a threat, big AV (even Malwarebytes) make the notice BIG AND RED and SCARY .. not just blended in the context menu, at the same font size as the friendly "check for updates" option, just asking to be clicked by some... Its still listed in the menu...so i guess longer than 4 hours... I will see how long she stays out of curiosity
  2. See.. this is what happens when we try to mix security and convenience. And kudos to you exile360 (sir or mam) Its refreshing to see a forum that was so responsive as well, that spurred a good security conversations... I think I''m going to bite on a subscription for the family (anyone have any discount codes) for us weak dollar using Canadians?
  3. Despite the '2nd prompt" to white list it if you accidentally clicked it, what if the malware URL was was named something like "updates.malwerebytes.com" or something that looks legit at first glance / to the less security conscious people. I could see easily see the scenario of and end user seeing that entry in the context menu and thinking "I guess Malwarebytes WANTS me to do this, otherwise why would the make it so easy and put it into my context menu". You are teeing up a way to allow a backdoor into the program, its only a matter of time before someone exploits the easiest thing to exploit... humans (likely the very same breed of human that are responsible for there still being things Nigerian email scams...)
  4. I would suggest hiding it somewhere else, maybe where you apply exlusions, rather then have it at such an area so easy to accidentally click.. .It also got my heart racing once i googled the site and seen it was a "popular" type of malware...it truly made me think I might be infected.. so much so that I took the time to make an account just to post my concerns. Also, why wouldn't Malwarebytes at least screen / filter the URL's it makes easy to white list... There has to be a VERY small percentage of people out side of malware researchers and malware creators that would want to white list a website so widely known as being malicious.
  5. Thank you DCollins. So I guess this is "by behavior" then. Seems like a strange thing to do... how often would you REALLY be adding sites that were blocked that you would need them to show right in the context menu like that... ah well. we can close this case.
  6. Also of note. I was not able to find babi. in the registry anywhere. It does not show in any other context menu.
  7. Hello, I noticed the following has been added to the malware bytes context menu in they system tray. It looks like the malware is trying to make it easy to add it to the exclusion list... smart.. evil smart. How can I remove this? Version below. The alerts are from blocked URLs.
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