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  1. Hello! I think i got the bitcoin miner back, http://prntscr.com/jauv4r, http://prntscr.com/jauv9x and http://prntscr.com/jauvi7. I ended task and deleted it, and then looked at the FRST log, and found that there is something like AuxHD.vbs, i don't know what it is, so i searched on internet and found that there is a photo with a fake av (i think) and saying how to get rid of AuxHD.vbs, so i think something is wrong with it, maybe you know what it is? http://prntscr.com/jav1rk i think i will send you the log, but first i'm gonna look it myself, so it was on startup i think, looked at task manger startup, nothing called AuxHD.vbs was here, but there is something called "Program" and 4 "Mihkel"s , my computer names, i think. I think there is startup programs on regedit too but not sure, i couldnt find startup programs on regedit. Looking at the log file long time already, almost at the end, and found something like "82ace7d6-0197-474d-bf4b-a2043e72329b" Maybe it is something? Completed reading all the FRST log. Gonna send it to you. FRST_27-04-2018 10.04.56.txt
  2. Hello! Sorry about what i said, now i trust it, but i think i got rid of the bitcoin miner. I did the scan with Farbar recovery scan tool and got 2 notepad files after it. in the FRST notepad file i searched almost to the end, but found some random chrome (my default browser) extensions. And some months ago and archer extension came up all the time i started chrome, not anymore, but maybe you know why? It had things like BetterTTV, Clipchamp and more wierd extensions -Mihkel
  3. Hello! So i downloaded it, but scanned too, because i dont always trust everything, And found that some things detect it as Coinminer, (http://prntscr.com/jagzb5 and https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/94625159b98ee547433b2007873c5d5280c8ac861957f6532ab3de55c13e7362/detection) Can you explain why is it saying it?
  4. Hello! When i start my computer and check task manager then i see that something called vgost or something with tools picture takes the most cpu. I end task always and find the location first and delete it, but it always come back! Can anyone help me with this? Last time i deleted 5 of those with malwarebytes, but they come back after restart. Can anyone help?
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