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  1. Thanks for the help i rest my computer and it helped to clear a bunch of stuff like programmes i didnt use
  2. i think it would be alot easier if i factory reset the pc and put all the important files on a usb
  3. no nothing i did a bit of digging and the windows update doesnt show up in the systems so something has been removed when i tried to repair it with the windows 10 disck my hard drives were locked so i couldn do that either and when this whole thing started under my hardrive properties it says they have been migrated
  4. when i ran the malwarebytes it quarantined 17 threats and my antivirus vitdefender removed Trojan.BitCoinMiner however my windows defender is still offline and i cant update windows malwarebytes.txt
  5. i dont see AdRemover for Google Chrome in the extensions or apps but it says i have it added
  6. FRST.txt Addition.txt in one of these i think its the addition.txt file it mentions alg.exe alot under allowed by windows defender or antivirus its in the system files
  7. As malwarebytes scanned for threats my bitdefender picked up trojan in avira antivirus wich had benn infected so i could nolonger use avira
  8. Bitdefender always removes the same thing after a restart "Item was deleted. Threat name:Generic.Application.CoinMiner.1.CE277487. Path:C:\Windows\System32\diskdriver.exe.
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