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  1. I ran the cleanup tool before and ran the support tool today for good measure. I'll see if it fixed itself. Also, I should have been clearer in my reply on Chen's thread: My real time protection layers were all on, but the popup just said that some of my layers were disabled. Maybe an update caused some false positives? I only run MWB and Windefender as Antimalware so I don't think it conflicted with another antivirus program.
  2. Strange. I'm getting this issue as well. Must have something to do with the latest update, but I used the MalwareBytes cleanup tool just in case.
  3. I'm replying to say that the update is legitimate. The thing is that I never had an update notification since that incident in April.
  4. Like I said, I've dealt with an infected Malwarebytes update notification before, so I wanted to be really careful this time.
  5. Hey guys, Today, Malwarebytes's main menu showed this update notification, and I wanted to know if this is a legitimate update. This might sound paranoid, but I have experience with illegitimate Malwarebytes update notifications (nothing to do with websites). This is the menu, can anyone confirm if this is a legitimate update? If this is usually legitimate but can be compromised, how do I check if it is/isn't? https://i.imgur.com/s4AlkU0.png
  6. I'll post here again if anything of note happens. If not, consider my issue fixed. Thanks, guys!
  7. Nope. I'm signed into Chrome and there is no such menu. Thanks for trying, though.
  8. Actually: I have one more question for you: If I disable Google Sync on this PC, does it only not sync things that happen on this PC/IP or will it also not receive any synced data from other machines that I log into on Chrome?
  9. Way ahead on you again, friend! I already figured that google's sync might have been causing ADWcleaner to be unable to uninstall some malware so I'll turn it off (and keep it turned off. I don't have much to sync anyway).
  10. I have already scanned for rootkits and used ADWCleaner, which removed the components. I was just checking if anyone else had this issue. Thanks for your reply, though!
  11. Let me preface this by saying that I managed to remove the associated Malware (and even did a Windows 10 fresh start) and thus, I cannot get any log files. So yesterday, around 4PM (gmt+2), I got a popup (as in, the same kind of popup that you get when you finish a scan) that Malwarebytes wanted to update, so I installed it. I noticed a random redirect, so I ran a normal Malwarebytes scan which found nothing. Apparently, it installed search engines like Yahoo and Jeeves (what year is it again?) to Chrome and Firefox. I managed to do an advanced scan, which removed a "machine learning" anomaly that added itself to Firefox. Deleting this made the Yahoo extension stop automatically adding itself to Chrome, but AdwCleaner and Rkill couldn't get rid of the Yahoo extension itself (trying to remove it makes it try to install itself on Chrome again). It ultimately disappeared after I did a Windows 10 fresh start (for unrelated reasons). Does anyone know what could have caused the update popup hijack? Also, I wasn't sure if it belonged here, since I managed to remove the malware itself and just need some clarification.
  12. If normal Malwarebytes can't remove those, try a program like AdwCleaner from Malwarebytes.
  13. Are you referring to Malwarebytes Chameleon or Rkill? Be sure to try both.
  14. In case this is malware, you can also use Malwarebytes Chameleon, which tries to evade malware trying to block antimalware from being installed onto your computer.
  15. Open Task Manager's processes and startup programs and Uninstall Programs in the Control Panel. Do you see any programs that shouldn't be there? Also, if it really is malware interfering with Malwarebytes starting, use Rkill and see if it stops any processes.
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