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  1. Thanks ever so much for confirming this is a FP and also for the fix!
  2. Absolutely not! I am just saying that since my last full MBAM scan in which this trojan did not show up , I have not downloaded WordPad. It has always been on my device. This morning, I did a full MBAM scan & this trojan showed up.
  3. I am the original poster/topic starter. I did not DL WordPad from anywhere else. The last time I did a full scan, this malware flag did not show up. I have not added WordPad to my system since then. Guess this is a false positive. However, I wanted to post here so MBAM will know that this issue exists & to possibly assist others who might have encountered the same.
  4. I ran a complete scan this morning with MBAM premium. I have attached a screenshot of the settings I used for the Custom Scan. The results of the scan flagged malware in Wordpad.exe. I have attached a screenshot of these results. The results did not list the entire name of the Trojan, but only listed Trojan.Pass.... I did a search and find that this might be a password stealer. I quarantined the file. Before doing so however, I uploaded the file to Virus Total and every AV, including MBAM, said it was clean! I have attached the Virus Total report in PDF format. Could some kind soul p
  5. Thanks so much for your patience, exile360. Here is what was accomplished this morning. Fortunately, I have a family member who is a computer wizard. She logged into my system to see what was going on related to this issue. Going into Macrium, she could see that the write speeds had gone down drastically on the images I did yesterday as compared to those done in the past prior to installing MBAM V3 Premium. She did note that Macrium needed a program update. Now, in the past, she had told me not to update it & to wait to see if the update was stable, which I did. We updated Macrium
  6. Thank you for your reply. I will attempt to do all of these things you have requested tomorrow. I am not very computer literate & promise to do my best to comply. Thanks again for your assistance.
  7. Hey Folks, this is my first post, so I beg for your patience. Last week, I installed MBAM V3.4.5 Premium on my Dell computer running Windows 10. The day *before* doing so, I ran a Macrium image which was 93GB and took 24 minutes to complete & verify. I have been using Macrium on this computer for over a year now & it has never taken over 30 minutes to make & verify an image. Today, I ran a Macrium image which was also 93GB and it took 1 hour 28 minutes to complete & verify! Wow, I was shocked! Any idea why this addition of MBAM premium should affect the time it takes to r
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