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  1. Thanks ever so much for confirming this is a FP and also for the fix!
  2. Absolutely not! I am just saying that since my last full MBAM scan in which this trojan did not show up , I have not downloaded WordPad. It has always been on my device. This morning, I did a full MBAM scan & this trojan showed up.
  3. I am the original poster/topic starter. I did not DL WordPad from anywhere else. The last time I did a full scan, this malware flag did not show up. I have not added WordPad to my system since then. Guess this is a false positive. However, I wanted to post here so MBAM will know that this issue exists & to possibly assist others who might have encountered the same.
  4. I ran a complete scan this morning with MBAM premium. I have attached a screenshot of the settings I used for the Custom Scan. The results of the scan flagged malware in Wordpad.exe. I have attached a screenshot of these results. The results did not list the entire name of the Trojan, but only listed Trojan.Pass.... I did a search and find that this might be a password stealer. I quarantined the file. Before doing so however, I uploaded the file to Virus Total and every AV, including MBAM, said it was clean! I have attached the Virus Total report in PDF format. Could some kind soul please advise me as to whether or not this is a false positive? Thanks in advance for your expert help. VirusTotal.pdf
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