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  1. I have a different take on this. I have four VPN’s I have been trying out. They all play together nicely and it is not possible for me to run more than one at a time, so a conflict with the MB VPN is unlikely. However, if there is a conflict I would have to say Malwarebytes “not-VPN” would be the problem. Not the other way round. The latest update seems to have cured the problem and the Web Protection now seems to be running the way it is intended to function.
  2. I use Cloudflare’s DNS along with the Private Internet Access VPN. The DNS is free, and the $2.91/mo (2-year plan) for the PIA VPN service hardly breaks the bank. I would prefer to have the encryption and VPN so that my ISP isn’t selling my browsing habits to the highest bidder, which I understand Congress allowed them to start doing last year.
  3. I did not need to remove any of my other VPN profiles, in this case.
  4. The latest update, 1.0.13 (1) “fixed” the issue I was having, in that the iptest site now is blocked. I did not need to uninstall any other VPN profiles. However my concern now is that this is not a true VPN. When using the MB VPN, my actual IP address and location are exposed, and I am assuming that no encryption of (all) outbound traffic occurs. Hopefully future updates will provide true VPN protection.
  5. The latest update, 1.0.13 (1) fixed the issue with your “VPN” on my i-devices, in that the iptest site is now blocked. However, in replacing my usual VPN with your “VPN” my actual IP address and location are now exposed. Also, I am assuming that you do not encrypt all traffic leaving my i-devices as a proper VPN would. Am I wrong about the encryption? Do you plan, in future updates, to install real VPN functionality?
  6. Try connecting to this address: http://iptest.malwarebytes.com/ When I was convinced that my Malwarebytes VPN was not working properly, one of the MB staff suggested I try their iptest site. It is a harmless test that will show whether your VPN is actually doing it’s job and blocking unsafe web sites. It turned out my VPN was not working.
  7. I do have several other VPN profiles installed. As they do not interfere with each other I have not considered that as a source of trouble for the Malwarebytes VPN. Could you answer the question I posed about the server address displayed in the Malwarebytes VPN profile. Is the address I should be seeing? I would prefer to know the answer to that question before I go and uninstall all the other VPN profiles I have installed. Thanks. As to the 1Password issue. I have the feeling that the problem may have been no more than coincidental to the VPN problem and can be ignored
  8. Something I just noticed after posting my prior comment. While I had your VPN active, my 1Password data would not sync from the iPad using your VPN to my other Apple devices. As soon as I shut down your VPN all my devices sync’d normally. Do you have a “kill switch” feature built in to your VPN, or is that just another part of the problem I am having?
  9. I have not been able to get the “Web Protection” feature to work. The VPN never connects, and seems to be stuck in an endless loop, jumping between a status of “Connecting” and “No Connected”. I never see the status “Connected”. The server address I see for your “VPN” is Is that right? Another of your staff insisted the app/VPN was working as designed and that I should connect to your iptest site if I didn’t believe him. Well, I did and I received this message: “IF YOU ARE ABLE TO REACH THIS PAGE IT MEANS THAT IP PROTECTION IS DISABLED ON YOUR MACHINE”. I have tried remov
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