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  1. @Vabadus I have logged in and cannot see the android ones activated on my page I can only see the desktop one, and I can clearly see it activated on the phone but can't remove it...
  2. @Vabadus Thanks for the response, how would I deactivate a license that's on another android through my account page?
  3. Please see attached screenshot of the 35 second scan time, with increasing file/app size. @jysiwali yeah that is one of the questions I was trying to ask, hopefully someone will respond with an answer.
  4. Hi MAM, Thanks I have read the FAQ. I have purchased and applied the license on my android and it does show as premium on the phone, yet on the online accounts page in viewing my subscriptions, it does not show as being activated hence I thought there was a problem. Could you also please assist with my query about the scans? - Why are all scans taking exactly 35 seconds? Even when new apps/files are increasing? The bar reaches about 1/2 half way in scan progress and then jumps to finish. Is this normal behaviour?
  5. I have purchased Malwarebytes Premium for 4 devices. I have activated it on a desktop, and I have also downloaded it on my Samsung S9. I have activated it on both, yet on the subscriptions page under devices it only shows the one device, which is the desktop. I'm not sure if it has been activated on the phone - it does say it is premium but unsure if it has activated properly. I have activated both devices over 3-4 weeks ago. Also the reason I am asking if it has been activated on the phone is because the bar reaches about 2/3 of the way when scanning, then suddenly jumps to the end and f
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