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  1. @Elisabeth AdwCleaner[S22] 05.07.18 successful .txt AdwCleaner_Debug 05.07.18 crash.log the firs start was ok - the second crash wo
  2. @Elisabeth .debug.log it's send with PM ..system32/winlogon.exe - permanet Task Wo
  3. @dcollins continue the post in the Macinero thread: in the Post 18 + (it's hide) to vbarytskyy i have send a full Dump File with the 32 bit version procexp.exe . In this Crash-Session was only a access to the \system32\msvrt.dll: This screenshot show the access state 1 hour later - the Crash-Session at 03.05.201. On the right part you see the 64 bit .dll was not touch (Letzter Zugriff -> last access yesterday) Wo (my System -> Windows 7 x64)
  4. @Elisabeth part from the first post abov ..................................... 0:011> lmvm msvcrt start end module name 76970000 76a1c000 msvcrt (pdb symbols) c:\symbols\msvcrt.pdb\F1D253F9555C46DF8076400A52B3A9292\msvcrt.pdb Loaded symbol image file: msvcrt.dll Mapped memory image file: c:\symbols\msvcrt.dll\4EEAF722ac000\msvcrt.dll Image path: C:\Windows\SysWOW64\msvcrt.dll Image name: msvcrt.dll Timestamp: Fri Dec 16 08:45:38 2011 (4EEAF722) ........................................ this is a 64 bit. dll !! - the ADW Cleaner is a 32 bit Application Wo
  5. @Elisabeth ..the crashes are systematic to 95 % - other than i kill or close with the taskmanager any task (1 - 5). If i promptly start the adwcleaner_7.1.1 behind a random Taskkill, than is typical running without crash - over 50% successful working. This Time-Window is any seconds - or up to work with a other Task-Aplikation go in the Focus Window. While Searching for a error "touch with another task" i didn't found a reproducible situation with taskkill (one or any) random task. The situation it's always the same - exact systematic - independent of the previousor or parallel processes (boot, clear, Task in focus or not, behind..) - excepted -> see abov line the second line. For the crash moment show the Picture: after database-UP the crashpoint is exact --> beginning "Loud Moduls" This is like a hacked 32bit ..\system32\msvcrt.dll - but the file is clean - original Microsoft. Thanks for your Help Wo
  6. @vbarytskyy yes, -> menue right mouse button as administrator.. The upload to the the WeTransfer was broken i hope the next post with the full Dump File you have in ca 10 Min here a add Info about the .dll : the adwcleaner_7.1.1 are using the 32bit "C:\Windows\System32\msvert.dll" vers 7.0.7601.17744 dat 29.03.2012 (WindowsNT CRT DLL) size 620 KB (634.880 Bytes) Wo
  7. @vbarytskyy to create the dump with the Win Taskmanager are continue successful wo i have the file created ! - with the 32 bit version procexp.exe the file are in the next post wo
  8. @vbarytskyy Error Create Full Dump also Mini Dump
  9. @vbarytskyy i am able - we can start with your batch or shall i install the debugdiag SW ? wodatpc
  10. @vbarytskyy plese delete now the 3 files from the post: mbst-grab-results.xxx
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