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  1. Nathan, I finally got the data-dump sent, email is from, <REMOVED> , at 8:09pm 12-1-2018. It's my wife's android, I have never used anrdoid or iphone, so this is new to me. Last night I down loaded a tremendous amount of updates on her phone, and it seems better. I also clean out the history, cache, turned off pop-ups. I ran Malwarebytes, and it doesn't find anything, yesterday I kept getting errors when I tried sending emails, or when I tried using google..Doyle
  2. Thank You, I installed Malwarebytes, and nothing was found. I also went into safe mode, and deleted apps I wasn't sure of. Netfind is preventing google from doing any search activity. I clean cache, and history, re-installed google, tried running in safe mode, but google shuts down if you try and search. I will send Apps report. Doyle
  3. How do I remove "Netfind" from Samsung J7 ? Will not allow me to use "Google". I tried safe mode, still didn't work.
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