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  1. Using Visual Studio 2019. Writing in WPF .NET Core 3.1. I can't embed a PNG image without triggering a false "Machine Learning Anomalous 100%"? Seriously?
  2. I assume that your 'machine learning' isn't machine learning by any sense of the word and that it's just a set of stupid rules. One of which is anything with a BMP extension automatically gets flagged. Oh, but what about PNGs? Couldn't malicious code be in there, too? Of course it could. Now I suppose you'll add another stupid rule that anything that ends in PNG must also get flagged. But, let's not stop there! Let's flag all resources because, technically, any of them could be used to hide malicious code. It's badly written code like this that gives machine learning and AI a bad name. Yo
  3. That's it. Just simply adding a BMP resource is all it takes. That's it! Look at the XAML code below. I have since discovered that simply changing the BMP to a PNG will thwart your mighty machine learning AI!
  4. You are completely missing the point: simply adding a BMP as a resource to a program is causing your POS 'machine learning algorithm' to flag it as a virus. This is so stupid that whoever is responsible for writing this terrible code should be fired and flogged immediately. There is absolutely no reason why adding a BMP as a resource to a Windows program in Visual Studio should cause any false positives. Simply sending you an EXE and having you register it as a 'safe program' is not a solution. It's not even a work around. It's terrible customer support and terrible business and terrible
  5. Should I just tell all of my clients to set exclusion rules so they can run my programs? Because Malwarebytes is flagging the executable on other machines now. You seriously need to solve this problem NOW. I repeat, I did my doctoral research in Machine Learning and whatever you think you're doing is completely screwed up! Simply attaching a BMP as a resource triggers your brain dead 'Machine Learning' algorithm. This is terrible. As a former CS prof I'm giving you guys a big fat F (as I would to any of my students who turned in a project this messed up).
  6. Your 'Machine Learning' algorithm is barfing on simply adding an image with a BMP source! I'm using Visual Studio 2017. I've attached a screen shot with the 'offending line' commented out. This is a very common thing to do! Jeez!
  7. Further investigation shows that your Machine Learning is barfing on the inclusion of a BMP as a resource. This is pathetic. Please do something about your terrible Machine Learning algorithm. Seriously? Including a BMP as a resource is enough to trigger? Terrible!
  8. I'm a developer. I'm writing in C# WPF and am using Visual Studio 2017. I just added a simple new window to my program and Malwarebytes is now falsely declaring the EXE as 95% anomalous. At first, I thought it was because I had included a BMP resource, but I removed that and it's still being tagged. I've got nothing now except opening up a second window and it's still being tagged. Literally, simply creating a XAML document for another, empty, window is enough to trigger your Machine Learning. Okay, now I have to say this: My doctorate is in Computer Science. My research area is Machine L
  9. Well, try to confirm that process.start is the culprit and we'll use another call.
  10. I did a rebuild of the EXE because Malwarebytes locked the original. But the checksum should be the same. Could the call process.start to open the Wikia web page https://general-staff-wargaming-system.wikia.com/wiki/General_Staff_Army_Editor cause the False Positive?
  11. Zip file of EXE and LOG attached. EXE won't run without lots of other supporting files. FalsePositive.zip
  12. I've been using MalwareBytes since the very beginning. But, recently, we're getting plagued by false positives for our own code! I just did a build of our new game and MalwareBytes tagged it as Ransomeware probably because we use an online Wikia for documentation. What gives? Is this the case? How can we stop this?
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