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  1. Thanks, this is really wonderful to know. This site is going right into my bookmarks!
  2. Yeah, I was thinking just waiting for the manual scan to prompt me would be much easier. Can't tell you how relieved I am to have nipped this automatic behavior in the bud. I love tech forums! I always learn so much from others. Thank you for being part of this online community and helping us all become more adept at computing.
  3. Yes! I was able to delete the scheduled scan! That should solve the problem of the automatic quarantines and reboot, since that always happens after a scheduled scan. That's a relief! Thank you for pointing me to that option. I'll just be more disciplined about doing manual scans, where I have more control over what happens with the detected items. I'll keep the instructions for adding exclusions on hand, but just stopping the scheduled scan should take care of my primary problem with the automatic disruptions. Thank you so much for your help, exile360! Really very much appreciated!
  4. Thank you, exile360. Much appreciate your help. When I double click on the scheduled scan, I don't get the Advanced button option at all. I assume that's what's missing in the free version. Luckily Malwarebytes hardly ever detects anything except for these two programs anymore. Before I started deleting all flash cookies I always got frequent detections, and with this automatic reboot I would have no choice but to remove Malwarebytes, because it would be too disruptive. So for now I was only able to do the scan and add a few items to the exclusion list. But the earlier scan quarantined 7 items associated with two programs, and the manual scan only detected 4 associated with one program, so I suspect that the other 3 items will show up again eventually and likely trigger the same quarantine and reboot behavior. Is there a way to manually add the other items to the exclusion list?
  5. I'm having a hellish time with Malwarebytes suddenly declaring that something must be quarantined immediately, and then automatically rebooting my PC in the middle of my work. The couple of items it quarantines are categorized as PUPs, but they are programs that I've been using for years without any problems, on several different computers, that Malwarebytes has never flagged until now, and that I always end up restoring. I looked in the user's guide and it seems to say that as a user of the free version of Malwarebytes I have no control over this behavior. But surely there must be a way to keep this from happening? It's getting to a point now that I'm seriously considering removing Malwarebytes from my system, which I'd rather not do, because it's always been the most effective program of its kind that I've used. But I can't keep having my work interrupted with a program that has a mind of its own. I would greatly appreciate some insight into what my options are to stop automatic quarantines and reboots. Thanks so much.
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