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  1. I checked again, it is not there, but no problema everything is working as promised. Thank you too.
  2. @exile360 Thank you. I installed the latest version 3.4.5. I found the folder as you suggested it, but no file instlrupdate. Not even after the update. Does not seem very important to me. Thank you again.
  3. @exile360 Thank you. There is no such folder as C:\ProgramData on my machine, so the installer file you mentioned is surely not there. Of course I reinstalled MalwareBytes. I did that with the exe-file I kept when I originally bought the program. And after the re-installation I got a message that there was a newer version which I installed as well. The result of that all is that I now have version 3.2.2 working on my machine, which is different from what you are suggesting. Nevertheless it is working fine and from now on I will watch every day the developments. I also downloaded and saved the newest version 3.4.5. via your link. Thank you. The installer file you mentioned although is still not there but for me personally that is the least of my problems.
  4. Hello all, Question. Has anyone experienced that his/hers MalwareBytes program suddenly is disappeared from his/hers pc? This morning I had this very strange experience. My MalwareBytes program was completely vanished from my pc. This after a Microsoft initiated restart. After what they called a stopcode problem. What happened? I have a Microsoft Surface Pro 3, Win 10, Fall Creators Update, 64 bit. Yesterday, 18-04-2018, after waking from Sleepmode my computer ran into a problem (according to Microsoft). As they say it was a stopcode problem and when I want to speak to a helpdesk employee I had to say that it was a Driver Power State Failure. OK. After their restart my computer was a mess, the type cover was not working anymore and the next morning I discovered that my MalwareBytes program was disappeared from my computer. Completely vanished. Nothing there anymore. Have you ever heard of such a thing?
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