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  1. scanned for rootkits, found nothing. seems like i'm safe for now once again, thanks for helping me out
  2. i can now type adwcleaner, so im guessing that malware is gone, and a load of others, thanks for the help!
  3. Downloaded malwarebytes, scanned computer, found 50-ish malware and another 700 unwanted programs Just waiting for it to be quarantined and then, hopefully, everything will be alright
  4. I have not done that yet, but I will do that when I can, hopefully I will be able to run it. Thanks for the help
  5. if there are any admins out there, please delete my last 3 topics, i cant access them due the things above.
  6. I have recently been going through my PC, and i came across a d w cleaner. I went to go into the folder and see whats inside, when file explorer crashed. I thought it must've just been a mistake, so i opened up file explorer, tried opening a d w cleaner again, and file explorer crashed again. I thought that there's something wrong, so i tried to right click on it and go to properties, file explorer crashed when i tried to open that. This scared me a bit, so i went to google and started typing a d w cleaner, but when i got to the end of that, google crashed. i got to the conclusion something on my computer is trying to stop me from accessing anything about a d w cleaner, but i don't know what to do. Please Help P.S. when trying to submit this the first time google crashed, almost certain its because of a d w cleaner, which is why i have them spaced out.
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