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  1. Upon Checking the now refreshed/factory-reset device, it seems that the malware was able to take control of legitimate system apps, instead of mimicking them: com.android.systemui com.google.android.webview Unfortunately I was not able to get the apk's of the infected files before I refreshed the device as the malware was preventing me from doing a lot of things. I notice now that these can now be "disabled" from the apps settings, while before the refresh the "disable" button had been grayed out. The settings app I mentioned before was definitely malware as I was able to uni
  2. Hi MAM, As stated in my original post and my reply, I have tried Debloater several times and it did not work for me. Debloater is basically alternatives #1 & #3 which you have suggested in your posting #2. As for MoaAB, I figured it is too late for it since whatever virus got into my phone (probably through the preinstalled Adups), has already taken over quite a lot of functions since it can install apps and give permissions without my input, and also redirect from within the play store. Will install it after my refresh of the system. ------------ Just to reiterate for
  3. Hi, Thanks for the reply. As stated on the original post, I've tried Debloater and it cannot find any packages at all. Further investigation shows that APUS Message Center is also being automatically installed via System UI. Funny enough, it shows an upload animation on the notification bar whenever it is installing. It also automatically gets all the permissions it needs. It does this even with installation from unknown sources disabled. The ads are all actually fullscreen overlays, as clicking on any area of the screen automatically results in a rogue installation. The ads al
  4. So today my entry level phone just started showing fullscreen and partial screen ads randomly, and keeps on installing "emoji flashlight" and "APUS" by itself. It also installed a bogus "Settings" app once. I have run Malwarebytes, Avast and Trustlook, but not one of them can find the culprit. I ran a devtools overlay process monitor and the only suspicious program is com.adups.fota. I tried using debloater, it sees my device but can't find any packages when I press "read device packages". On the device manager, the smartphone is identified as "MTP Device" with an exclamation point. Windows
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