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  1. Hi,

    Since last week, our professionnal software is flagged as malware by Malwarebytes.

    Our software is a management software for optometric clinics, developped since the 90' and constantly updated.  It manages patient reservations, inventory, eye exams, patient recall, and billing.


    We're starting to receive calls, and in some cases, it is shutting down clinics as the executable is being quarantined costing us remote support.

    This is affecting our company's image, and could cause damages to our members, and clients.

    It is installed on over three thousands computers in Canada, and is now flagged as malware by your anti-malware solution.

    I checked our executable on virustotal.com, and it's not detected as malware in anyway by anyone else.


    With some researches, I found that we are not the only ones affected by your new version, and that a new "machine learning" feature was released on your end.  Can you teach this AI to whitelist our software please?


    I have also attached revelant information.

    I expect a prompt resolution of this issue.


    Best regards,

    Max Pelletier

    System Administrator

    Optometric Services Inc.





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