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  1. Thanks for the reply. I look forward to the update. FYI I wrote my first program in 1966 so I never name files like that, that file is part of the language support and outside of my control.
  2. This software is shared by me as freeware so I can't simply exclude it from scans. Note that no other of my programs produced by the same language IDE produces any report. I have recompiled the program to get a clean exe and the problem persists. Train Tickets Suite.exe is the reported file In case it helps I've added the source code (the sbp and bas files) (language Basic4PPC) and the additional dlls used in it, as well as the program's help files in html format. The language is obsolete so I've also included a zip file which contains the desktop ide. But it needs a licence file from Anywhere Software to produce .exe files (https://www.b4x.com/) MBLog.txt MBProblem.zip Basic4ppc-6.90.zip
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