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  1. I'm on top of the update issue, so it's definitely not that—I've been a Mac System and Network specialist, among other things, since the very early '90s, so no need to handle me as if I'm a novice. I've definitely got a handle on things… I really appreciate the assist, but it's not the definition updates. I'm still running OS 10.9.2 on my MacBook (it's a mid-2010, which I don't want to give up because of the 17" monitor), and upgrading ClamXav itself was causing issues with runaway kexts. I downgraded ClamXav and ClamXav Sentry which fixed the issue, but the definitions are still being up
  2. Yes, I do update my definitions daily—I've always had my preferences set to do so—and I updated them again after this happened, but I still got an alert that I had a live virus. I'd rather be safe than sorry, so after deleting (it wouldn't allow just quarantining as it read it as a live virus) the trojan horse, I've also deleted the installer and the latest version of FF. If it is a false-positive, they'll need to figure out why it's alerting before I upgrade again.
  3. Which version of FF are you using? I just downloaded Firefox 59 and the Trojan.OSX.Flashback was apparently downloaded with it—or within it, actually. I was alerted to it (by ClamXav Sentry) as Firefox was being installed. It's more likely Firefox is the issue, that the trojan horse—or false-positive code—was installed with it… and yes, I downloaded it from Mozilla's site, not some dodgy third-party software site. If you only have the issue in FF, it's probably not Flash—this time—or you'd have it in Safari, too. If you've recently downloaded FF, or upgraded an older version, I'd check yo
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