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  1. Done as per your instruction, Ron! Here are the results... I have scanned with ADWcleaner 2 times, so the current situation is the 2nd try. I have deleted the two files (FRST.txt and Additions.txt) I had from before...these are new. Thanks, Skarm Addition.txt AdwCleaner[C02] - 1st Scan.txt AdwCleaner[S03] - 2nd scan.txt FRST.txt Threat Scan.txt
  2. Hi all, I am starting to be a bit desperate because obviously my PC is undergoing a pernicious infection, but no anti-malware or anti-virus seem to recognize the threat: The infection seems to be showing the following symptoms: a) An ever-present Rightcoupon banner, which must be a new and nastier variant of the "normal" Rightcoupon malware, since none of the methods suggested to remove the "traditional" one (resetting Chrome, deleting suspicious extensions [there are none!], blocking suspicious services [there are none!], etc...) seem to work with it. b) A nasty browser hijacker which doesn't just "steal" the links when I try to use a search engine (i.e., Bing or Google) leading me to all kind of random advertisement or outright fraudulent page, but sometimes it even recognize an attempt to *click* into the search engine text box and keep opening its ... as if it was covering the text box with its invisible "link/button"! I have also the impression that this browser hijacker ... is slowing down my pc a lot...but definitely having to close 3-4 pages of *trash* before having access to the desired page is slowing down my own "productivity"! I have tried to use Malwarebytes both in Threat Scan and in Custom Scan (with all options enable) multiple times, both with normal Windows and safe mode Windows. I have tried to use AdwCleaner... I have tried to use Avast...and then deleted it, because...well...for it all seems to always works apart from the fact that you've not upgraded!! I have tried to use Avira Antivirus... I have tried Kapersky Antivirus...both with normal Windows and safe mode Windows...finds nothing...so I deleted it! I have tried Panda Antivirus...both with normal Windows and safe mode Windows...which finds something, but not what I need it to find!! I went as far as to download esoteric stuff* like Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool...which found 88 infected items (which I thought..."Hey? Cool! A Microsoft software that works as should be straight from the box? I'd not have bet 1 penny on it!! Amazing!!") and then, in a very Microsoftian way, reported back to its company and left the user with no information or hint about what it did to his pc!!! I have even thought to try a boot drive USB antivirus scan, but for some mysterious reason, the system fails to recognize my USB key and to startup with the Linux-based OS that is loaded on the key, so no way to use that... In the end I have decided to see if here you can help with this infection...frankly I am getting a bit desperate, because this infection is really nasty. Rightcoupon is already a disgusting bit of ... ... whomever programmed it should be burned at the stake for it!! But last time I got infected with it, a scan in safe mode and a Chrome reset managed to "kill the beast"!! This time even that fails... Please help me! Thanks, Skarm * = Allow me the pun, but I guess you'll agree...it is not exactly the kind of software the average computer user would think to use when he has an infected pc! Threat Scan Report.txt FRST.txt Addition.txt
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