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  1. Suggest the following enhancement be added to the app: 1) on dashboard, allow user to reset, clear or zero out number of scans and total detections 2) on dashboard, display separately total detections, and add display of number of detections for the only scan just completed 3) there does not appear to be any option to check for updates 4) an option in settings to always bypass "SKIP Basic Report" option if no threats were detected on the "Your scan is completed" 5) there are numerous items in Settings , in the Basic Repair Actions section that have no context, no help, no explanation to what they are, what they do, and what the consequences / impacts / results are if you turn ON / OFF
  2. Please describe what exactly the option " Basic Repair" does. I did not find any help on this options, or any of the other options and the settings screen. There are many options under "Basic Repair" that have no help, or explanation of why / when you might choose / need to switch on or off. Thanks in advance.
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