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  1. Not sure exactly what that is, but i thought the updater was avast.. mbst-grab-results.zip
  2. (Sorry if this is in the wrong place) Hi, so i just started using the Malwarebytes 3 Premium(trial) and started getting reports saying it is blocking Updater from Avast. Anyway, I open up Malwarebytes to see it and it says my programs are not up to date. Lol. This has been going on for about a month. This is saying its outbound connection which it blocks. I read in other places it could be mistaking it for something else(I dont quite understand that). I know there is an issue of other things being blocked in avast, but not sure if this is the same. And idk if i should ignore it or exclude from being blocked. I also looked online and there does seem to be a driver update malware or something (so i was concerned about that).. Any ideas why this is happening? Thank you for any help. HP Desktop Windows 10 - Chrome MBAM - Avast MBAM.zip MBAM2.zip
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