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  1. Yeah it is, I got a key given to me and I reformatted my PC and now it says that I need to deactivate my license on the old OS before I can use it on the freshly installed one. The problem is that because I got the key given to me I dont have an account to log into to deactivate it manually
  2. Its been a week now and support still hasn't responded. I appreciate that sometime support can be quite busy but its been a week and its urgent. General chat does not work for me either My ticket number is 2284234 if a staff member sees this.
  3. So I got two free keys given to me from Marcin Kleczynski of Malwarebytes over on Reddit. Because I got given a key I didnt have to sign up for an account. I reformatted my PC which I activated MBAM 3 Pro on with the key and forgot to deactivate it first now I cant use that key on my new installed windows 10. The normal process would be to sign into your account and deactivate the license from the list of your devices but because I got given the key and therefore donot have an acount how can I deactivate my license so I can use it on my new OS?
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