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  1. This is a public forum. I was just able to download files others had uploaded. I find that disturbing... Under these circumstances I am, in fact, not willing to share. However, I didn't say I wouldn't And... Giving the MD5 isn't really going to help since this is actively developed code (compiled multiple times a minute (I have a fast computer and nothing better to do)). Anyway, hey, no worries. I hope! This is the debug compile. I haven't seen the issue with release/signed code. Of course, I haven't seen it with debug compilations before, either. Ha! cheers!
  2. falsePositive.txt It feels like there's not much you're going to get from the log... You're going to want the file but I can't give it to you without a private location to put it and an nda. Ha. Regardless, man, you guys are killing me! It's funny, too, because it worked yesterday. Ah well! Maybe it's putting my file in quarantine today because it's friday the 13th! Anyway, it's just code I'm working on. I'm reasonably sure I didn't write malware but, hey, you never do know!
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