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  1. OK thanks, I am going to examine the hypothesis the page code is not compatible with Firefox.
  2. Oh you know what ? Some points tend to confirm what you say, and some infer some doubt. On one side, Firefox could not access the authentication on the Airbox either with a new profile, or while using a portable installation, or by using it on a smartphone. On the other side, the payable program that is proposed on your site arises an alert at the level of the password input field, and the authentication is quite OK with Internet Explorer. So, do you mean that program arises a false alert, and Orange programmed an authentication page that seems not to be compatible with Firefox ? Except if there is something that is not detected by FRST and I have to analyse my smartphone too ?
  3. Hello, thank you for your help. I already downloaded FRST64.EXE in last December, I presume I can use the same and execute it again ? Here is FRST.ZIP containing FRST.TXT and Addition.txt In case it arises a false positive as was the case with Zhp, I mention that I developed a program by Sopra, that uses a webbrowser component to display the list of ASCII characters, or receive an ASCII code to send the corresponding character to the clipboard. It is named WinKeyb. That helps cope with all those laptops that do not provide the Alt + numeric keypad functionality any more. frst.zip
  4. Hello everybody, I went to disinfection because I could not access the administration page of my box in authenticated mode. I first went to the operator, they could bring me the authentication back on Internet Explorer, but I still cannot use it on Firefox. AdwCleaner found nothing. ZhpCleaner cleaned about 100 points. ZhpDiag3 still found ten points. Any advice ? System is Windows 10 64 bits 1809, version 10.0.17763.437 ZHPDiag.txt
  5. Hello everybody, I observe that we are now forced to disactivate Malwarebytes web protection, otherwise it is impossible to access the share website http://www.cjoint.com I think it is dangerous to suppress protections.
  6. Oh nice, your position about the free space is a pleasant change to the usual message But in fact, the update system has abandoned migrating from 1803 to 1809, and it could be for this reason ? This has avoided me big problems that appeared with that version, but I wonder to which extent staying there would be a good idea. As you perhaps saw, I installed TreeSize Free, that helped me to see that Visual Studio is what takes the most place, followed by Firefox, and by other development tools. Not really something I use rarely. I could move Open Office, but that would free 320 MB, much work for few results ... So, you say the 16 problems pointed by zhpDiag are a false alert ? And so that I can hope those malfunctions are a bad memory ? Nice. Oh, while I am there, my firewall (that I parametrized a few months ago to use rules to only let authorized traffic go through) alerts me about an incoming traffic for Host For Windows Task from : but this is my Internet router. I blocked access to the webcam for that program, this runs OK, but this is the first time i see this message.
  7. Hello, Well yes, this is a program of mine (that I developed on a previous machine, but I presume this is not the topic), it shows the state of the keyboard (caps lock, num lock, scroll lock and insert), I used it regularly until I discovered addLeds from wintools.info, that I have to admit has a much better user interface. It was a good thing I was a developer, I do not know how much time it would have taken to understand what happened with the registering of dotnet.remoting : only Visual Studio showed an explicit message. And I was not programming these days, so I believe I am innocent. Hum, as I understand this is the problem of missing place on the system partition ? When buying the machine in April or May, I installed all programs I could on the SSD, letting some place for the updates, but six months later it appeared that place was not enough. Do you have any idea how much place I should free on the system partition ? Do you think this is the source of the instability I observed ? In fact, since I opened the thread everything is OK (except I tried to understand what was that activity I saw on the network, but probably that was a program update. I tried GlassWire to identify the network activity, that has a medium or low clarity. Any better idea ? That being said, can I ignore 16 entries signalled by zphDiag ?
  8. Here you are ... FRST.txt Addition.txt
  9. Hello, I just made a chkdsk although the system told me it was not necessary. It answered "Windows has correctly analyzed the driver, no error was found." I should like to verify whether I was clear about previous steps, done before I asked the question, as you propose me to redo some of them. SFC /scannow errors found and corrected. I do not remember where the log is. dism /online /cleanup-image with an option like /verify or a synonym no error found three restarts no result observed failed system restoration Windows Hello OK adwCleaner, zhpCleaner nothing detected zhpDiag 16 errors detected, zhpdiag.txt attached dism.log
  10. Hello everybody, Two weeks ago my machine did not start any more (I presume an update failed), so I restored an image of six months ago. That ran quite well. I had three programs to install on that. For one of them I forgot the path so I installed one that was not compatible with Windows Hello. I uninstalled it, restarted several times, it was OK. The good program works OK. Last Sunday, several programs showed error messages and were unable to work. It appeared that machine.config for .Net 4 had a line doubled, for the declaration of dotnet.remoting, that was a problem to use configuration systems. Once the first of the two lines in comment, the problem was solved. This morning, Windows Hello was not loaded any more. After a SFC /scannow and three restarts, I tried a system restoration, that took an hour to fail, I aborted it. A message confirmed me it failed, but Windows Hello works again. Well, the machine works but I begin to think that makes too much in too few time, so I have a look. adwCleaner and zhpCleaner find nothing. But zhpDiag does. Any reaction required ? ZHPDiag.txt
  11. Hi, So, usbfix.xyz in e-set's white list, I ignore the alert about PUP.Optional.Y2Go, and, just in case, I avoid the "Undo / Duplicate tab" addon. Well, as you say that my logs are clean, everything is OK, thank you.
  12. Hi, So, I presume I can close duplicate tabs manually. I tended to think that usbfix.xyz was sure because it was called by zhpCleaner or zhpDiag. Of course, if you have different information, that is another story. So, about the main topic we said it was a false positive ?
  13. If you are the only user of this computer you can disable the SmartScreen alert.  Hi, Or I can also ignore it ;) In fact, no, that was the local mirror. The original address was : https://addons.mozilla.org/fr/firefox/addon/undo-duplicate-tab/?src=search So, an add-on for Firefox that is officially registered ? No. Where do you see that? At the end of each analysis by zhpCleaner or zhpDiag :
  14. Apart from a SmartScreen's alert that wanted to block it, ZhpDiag shows a SUP.Empty.CLSID, that points out that I should find a good documentation about the file types on Windows 10 and ContextMenuHandlers. I do not remember where to find ZhpDiag's logs -even if probably they will not be needed this time. I presume that usbfix.xyz is one of your domains ?
  15. ZhpCleaner finds nothing more. I presume it was a false positive, and ZhpCleaner has already been updated ? As I remember I still have to launch ZhpDiag, if it finds something I come back.
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