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  1. Hi, Somehow the IP blocks are gone. I hope this is the end of my issues! I thank you, CatByte and vbarytskyy for your help. It's astounding how easy this was! Best wishes, TheSirPancake.
  2. Hi, I cannot seem to find a .dll file in any of my x86 folder. Nor can I see it in regular program files. Moving on, I have attached the two other files. Thanks for the help so far, and I am hopeful this will get resolved. Kind regards, TheSirPancake AdwCleaner[S05].txt Fixlog.txt
  3. Hi, I have attached the log. Hopefully this gets resolved! mbst-grab-results.zip
  4. Hello all, Everytime I open chrome I get a notification telling me that malwarebytes has blocked "api.testrequest.info" and there is usually a 1-4 after api. I have scanned with malwarebytes and used adwcleaner but the problem still persists. Anybody got an idea of how to fix this?
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