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  1. Devin - thanks again, I'm actually logged on to the device with the domain administrator account. I've installed Malwarebytes on a couple other servers running this same O/S without issue, just as an fyi. Should I try the local admin account instead? As I'm on as the domain administrator can I skip to deleting the individual files and see if that works? Mark
  2. Tool downloaded and instructions followed. The "Clean" option returned message - no Malwarebytes software installations found (basically). Ran the "Gather logs" option - zip file of results attached. mbst-grab-results.zip
  3. Hi @Porthos - looking for assistance on this as well: Uploaded 2 text files - uninstall_list.txt are the results of your first command. uninstall_list2.txt are the results of your second command with wow6432node in the command string uninstall_list.txt uninstall_list2.txt
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