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  1. Hi dcollins, first .. thanks for your support :-) I do some additional test. Apparently the problem happens only when open VPN from my office. The problem is not only with my internal DNS if I try to use other DNS service (like Google) the problem is the same. For example you can see that in this case www.google.it is not resolved and www.google.com is resolved (I tried flusdns witout success) C:\Users\fabia>nslookup www.google.it Server: afdcprd001.af-group.private Address: DNS request timed out.
  2. Hi, No ShrewSoft is installed but no longer used. I use only the VPN client integrated in Windows (no custom client). I attached two screenshot. Ciao, Fabiano
  3. You find attached my logs. Thanks in advance. Fabiano mb-check-results.zip
  4. Hi, I installed Malwarebyte 3.4.5 Premium, all work witout problem until I connect with VPN (ex. my office's vpn). After I enabled vpn connection after some time, my system stop dns name resolution; not all domains and every time blocked sites are different. (Ex. some time google.com, some time other sites) VPN is a PPTP VPN and I connect using Windows 10 with windows build-in client. Just for example : Before VPN connection: C: \ Users \ fabia> nslookup flapsystem.monday.com Server: afdcprd001.af-group.private Address: 172.2
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