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  1. So, recently Bitdefender has been detecting a file under "C:\ProgramData\MBAMService" as suspicious: "The file C:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes\MBAMService\dds_tmp\D77C.tmp is infected with Gen:Variant.Mikey.114802. Bitdefender blocked this item, your device is safe." I found a similar thread here that says to exclude this path, but I'm reluctant to do so incase malware actually breached MBAM (despite the protection module being early start enabled). I tried moving the file into quarantine so I could upload it here for you, but it was deleted.
  2. Looks like it's working properly as well for me.
  3. It seems the website is blocked for phishing, but I don't understand why. Is it possible an AD on it caused it? Note: This was only triggered for Browser Guard atm. https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net
  4. Quick little update to show the certificate issue got resolved, the URL also now has a valid Let's Encrypt SSL Certificate.
  5. Attached a picture showing scans of latest build is a clean file (I also notified builder of expired certificate)
  6. This may of gotten blocked due to false positives generated by 7 different AV Engines (Reference). Anyway, newest VirusTotal scans show 0/72 detections + the person in charge of the URL digitally signs the executable. Source-code for the executable is on Github (Public Repository) so you can compile and compare builds if required.
  7. @dcollins Just did that and no dice (Other vendor: Bitdefender Total Security 2018)
  8. @dcollins After installing the beta, I'm reporting that the issue is still around (at least for me).
  9. @dcollins Just to let you know, PlayerIO is the framework used by ShellShock Live.
  10. Unfortunately, there is no report generated for the block, but I know it's the module causing it as disabling the module allows the connection to go through, otherwise I get a "408 Timeout" error, this issue only appeared after a Windows 10 update on June 8th (Properly installed on my laptop June 10th), I was told to report it here from this thread: https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/231520-malwarebytes-blocking-shellshock-live-steam-edition/
  11. That Adapter is for Wireshark only as it allows me to capture packets sent to and localhost
  12. Hope I got the correct logs mbst-grab-results.zip
  13. I'ved created the thread for the false positive but the exclusion isn't working (I've done it for application connecting to the internet).
  14. This domain is being blocked by MalwareBytes preventing me from playing ShellShock Live (Steam version), this only occurred because of the recent update (DB or Program itself) to the software, it's annoying as I have to disable the module to play the game. Port used as well: 27000
  15. For some reason, MalwareBytes is blocking ShellShock Live (The version on Steam) from connecting to the servers (via YGN, Yahoo Gaming Network), this wasn't an issue for me until recently, I'm placing the blame on a recent Windows 10 update, but it's an annoying issue, not only that but another Steam user has this exact same issue (Reference: Steam discussion comment). My only solutions ATM to this issue is either A) Disable the Web Protection Module or B) Run my connection through NordVPN Option B allows me to keep the Web Protection Module active.
  16. I too am having this issue with MalwareBytes 3.4.5 after installing the new version today (when automatic update failed). BSoD error: BAD_POOL_CALLER mb-check-results.zip
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